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(I)   Carry out and implement the Party's educational policies and the state's regulations on educational work, exercise administrative functions according to law, and administer education according to law.


(II)   Formulate and implement this district's educational development plan and annual plan according to the requirements of this district's overall plan for economic and social development.


(III)   Further improve the basic education system, and steadily promote quality-oriented education. Be responsible for the management of preschool education, basic education, special education and vocational education in the district, implement high-quality nine-year compulsory education in a balanced way, develop senior high school education according to high standards, and be responsible for examining and approving the establishment, certificate renewal, annual check, abolishment and change of private schools in the region.


(IV)   Try to build and improve a lifelong education system, be responsible for the management of adult education and senior citizen education in the district, formulate lifelong education plans, guide and promote lifelong education, and accelerate the internationalization of Changning's education and the formation of education with the characteristics of Changning's modern service industry.


(V)   Be responsible for evaluation, recruitment, assessment and management at the level of headmasters of high schools, primary schools and kindergartens in this district.


(VI)   Be responsible for accrediting the qualifications of teachers of junior high schools and below in this district and evaluating, recruiting and managing teachers, be responsible for the building of the team of teachers, improve the qualities of teachers through training and cultivation, and carry out and implement the appraisal of high school, primary school and kindergarten teachers' professional and technical posts and further education for teachers.


(VII)   Lead and promote the region's education and teaching reform, education and scientific research, encourage and support various schools to carry out school-based teaching and research, and accelerate the improvement of the quality of education and teaching and schools' management work.


(VIII)   Be responsible for formulating, implementing and supervising the admission plans of various types of schools, and coordinate relevant departments to earnestly safeguard primary and high school students' legitimate rights and interests.


(IX)   Be responsible for the supervision, review and evaluation of education work, and guide and coordinate international educational and social forces in the region to carry out non-diploma education.


(X)   Formulate budgets and final accounts of educational funds, be responsible for supervising and managing the educational funds of schools and other educational units, and scientifically and rationally arrange the use of educational funds according to law.


(XI)   Be responsible for the overall arrangement and management of educational assets and educational resources.


(XII)   Carry out and implement the administrative license law, and be responsible for the work of responding to action concerning administrative reconsideration and administrative litigation.


(XIII)   Plan and implement the IT work of the educational system, and do the work of disclosing information and making government affairs known to the public well.


(XIV)   Undertake other matters assigned by the district government.